Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Activity Six B, more planning...

...so I guess thinking about this new idea, and a Blended Learning Template approach:

Overall Strategy: the development of a blended learning strategy for second year midwifery students to cover course content related to antenatal screning options.

Strategy for Content: there will be a variety of content components, ranging from a video I will make of a role-play between a midwife and a woman, where the midwife discusses the screening options, with an emphasis on informed choice and decision-making. There will links to external websites eg National Screening Unit where theoretical content about screening programmes is offered, and where students are able to enrol in an online series of workbooks with formative quizzes included to assess their learning as they go. There will also be a Moodle exe package with relevant information about related professional frameworks, legislation, and screening pathway information.

Strategy for Communication: there will be facilitator:student communication via Adobe Connect tutorials, discussion fora where students can share their experiences of both hearing midwives in clinical practice discuss screening, and also their own discussions in practice with their follow-through women. Forum posts can facilitate student:student communication, alongside Adobe sessions.

Strategy for Activities: in addition to what has already been covered in content, as an activity students can be directed to select one aspect of screening (eg initial antenatal blood test, combined first trimester screening, gestational diabetes screening, family violence screening etc) and prepare a short teaching session for their SPF group. This peer-to-peer teaching opportunity means each student will learn about all the screening strategies but will only be doing a fraction of the 'work' of learning by themselves, and there will be a tutor on hand to clarify any misperceptions/misinformation. Each student can prepare a summary sheet for their colleagues with main points and relevant references.

Strategy for Assessment: assessment for this learning package willbe formative only, as this is just one small aspect of a much larger paper (Midwifery Scope of Practice) which has its own summative assessment. Formative assessments might include the online quizzes in the NSU resources, and participation in the peer-teaching component within the student's own SPF group.

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  1. These are great ideas Suzanne. One thing I would suggest is that you encourage the students to prepare their resources for the teaching session on a wiki that can be shared with others in the class. perhaps if the instructions for the acitvity are on a wiki (WikiEducator or Wikispaces) then the students can be set up pages that link from there.

    In a previous post you mention that communicating the information about antenatal screening is a big thorn in students' confidence - so maybe they need some practice with role play and effective communication with women and families as well. Having the opportunity to reflect on their performance i this area - perhaps in small groups would also be helpful. They could be involved in developing some peer assessment criteria that they could use to give each other feedback.

    What are your thoughts about these ideas?