Thursday, 10 March 2011

postscript to my first post!

Just wanted to add: the reason I chose this particular picture is because for a number of reasons it resonates: the picture was taken towards the end of last year. It was the end of my first year as a lecturer, and myself and my four North Island colleagues (who you may have read about in Christine's blog!) decided that since we had spent a year challenging and supporting our students to learn new skills, we would challenge ourselves to do so too. We were organising an end-of-year celebration for our first years, and decided that we would weave each of them a flax flower, and make them each a card describing some aspect of how brilliant they'd been. So I gathered some harakeke from my land, and together we learned how to weave (and laughed, and told stories) right through the evening until we had enough for everyone.
In many respects I feel like I'm back there - learning a new skill, feeling nervous about 'getting it right', and challenging myself to step outside the comfort zone.

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  1. That is a wonderful story. It is a good way to bond and have fun at the same time. Your picture captures this. Yes the Flexible Learning course does challenge people, and they develop their creative side a great deal. You are well placed to do this by the sound of things. Welcome aboard. I am looking forward to hearing your ideas and insights.